Ph.D. student position in QTL mapping and characterization of A. thaliana abiotic stress response

A Ph.D. student is sought to study abiotic stress and cell death responses in Arabidopsis. The position can be filled at the earliest from 1st of September 2010 and will be filled at the latest 1st of January 2011. Applications are evaluated until a suitable candidate is found.

Treatment of Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes with the air pollutant ozone causes dramatic damage in sensitive individuals. QTL mapping of this trait is likely to uncover new regulators of cell death, defense signaling and stomatal regulation. The Ph.D. student will characterize genes and gene networks that function in ozone and other abiotic stress responses using QTL mapping and mutant analysis in Arabidopsis.

The research group is located at Plant Biology, University of Helsinki, located at the Viikki Biocenter. There is access to several core facilities including next generation DNA sequencing (SOLiD 4, GS FLX), protein analysis (MALDI-TOF, Q-TOF etc), electron- and confocal microscopy services, and metabolite profiling facilities. The Viikki campus forms the largest concentration of molecular plant biology in Finland, comparable to many of the corresponding research centers abroad. The research environment is highly international, about 30% of the research staff, post-doc and PhD-students are from outside Finland.
We are looking for a student with an M.Sc. in plant physiology, molecular biology, genetics or biochemistry.

Salary. The salary will be paid according to the University’s salary system, which is based on the qualifications and personal performance of the individual. A Ph.D. student start at level 2 and the salary (before taxes) is 2200 € / month.

The research group. Our approach is to use natural variation combined with genetics and molecular biology to elucidate how abiotic stress signaling and regulation plant cell death occurs at the cellular level.

For further information email Dr Mikael Brosché ( Send applications (CV, names and contact information for 2-3 persons for reference) before 1st October 2010 by email. Applications are evaluated continuously and the position may be filled before the date mentioned.

Badan Litbang Bioteknologi & Sumberdaya Genetik Pertanian, Kampus Penelitian Pertanian, Cimanggu, Kota Bogor

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Badan Litbang Bioteknologi & Sumberdaya Genetik Pertanian, Kampus Penelitian Pertanian, Cimanggu, Kota Bogor

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