CROPLIFE Regional Country Biotech Meeting Visited ICABIOGRAD

One of the scheduled activities of CROPLIFE Regional Meeting and Regional Biotech Meeting was a visit to ICABIOGRAD, which was conducted on March 22nd 2011. The participants visited ICABIOGRAD to discuss recent developments on plant biotechnology in Indonesia and observe the testing facilities for transgenic plants in the institution. Upon arrival, the participants first listened to seminars conducted at ICABIOGRAD”¬â„¢s Auditorium. The seminar was moderated by the Director of ICABIOGRAD, and covered two topics: (1) Program for Biosafety Systems by Sidi Asmono (Coordinator of PBS Indonesia) and (2) Agricultural Biotechnology Support Program II by Dr. Frank Shokotski (Director of ABSP II) and Dr. M. Herman (Coordinator of ABSP Indonesia). After a 30 minutes discussion session, the participants visited ICABIOGRAD”¬â„¢s transgenic plant testing facility. One of the facilities is a greenhouse for limited testing, where several transgenic plants underwent testing, including transgenic potato resistant to Phytophthora infestans (ABSSP II and ICABIOGRAD), invasiveness testing of transgenic corn (Syngenta Indonesia).
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