Laboratory Services

We provide analysis and lab instrument utilization services. They include: Molecular biology analyses
  1. Mini prep DNA isolation.
  2. Large prep DNA isolation.
  3. SSR (simple sequence repeat)/microsatelite.
  4. Qualitative detection of GMO (genetically modified organism).
  5. RFLP/ Southern hybridization
  6. E. coli transformation (electroporation).
  7. Agrobacterium transformation (electroporation).
  8. Plant transformation (particle bombardment).
  9. RAPD
Joined lab analyses
  1. Sequencing.
  2. Genotyping by SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism).
  3. Fragment analysis (SSR).
  4. Quantitative detection of GMO.
  5. Gene expression quantification.
  6. Ploidy level analysis.
Gene Bank
  1. Agricultural germplasm request.
  2. Viability test
  3. Cold storage preservation.
  4. Water content analysis.
  5. Uncontaminated seedling test.
Laboratory of Informatic
Experimental data analyses.
Laboratory of Microbiology Quantity and quality analyses of microbes (fungi and bacteria):
  1. Total plate counts of aerobic microbes.
  2. Total plate counts of anaerobic microbes.
  3. Total nitrogen fixating bacteria (Rhizobium, Azospirillum or Azotobacter).
  4. Cellulotic microbes.
  5. Phosphate-diluting microbes.
  6. Yeast.
  7. Lactobacillus sp.
  1. Liofilization
  2. Freeze-dry 1-48 ampule culture.
  3. Solid sample freeze-dry (max. 1 kg).
  4. Liquid sample freeze-dry (max. 500 ml).
Laboratory of Tissue Culture 1. In vitro propagation (according to orders/unknown recipes):
a. One-season plants (Hervaceous). b. Annual woody plants. c. Orchid regeneration.
2. In vitro propagation (with recipes): Starter plants resulted from tissue culture:
  1. Tanduk banana
  2. Raja Bulu banana
  3. Kepok Kuning banana
  4. Ambon Kuning banana
  5. Cavendish banana
  6. Barangan banana
  7. Raja Sera banana
  8. Golden teak
  9. Phalaenopsis orchid
  10. Dendrobium orchid
  11. Pineapple (var. Simadu)
  12. Patchouli (var. Tapak Tuan)
3. Post acclimatization seeds:
  1. Banana
  2. Orchids (PhalaenopsisDendrobium)
Laboratory of Biochemistry
  1. Pathogenic viral detection.
  2. Pathogenic bacterial detection.
  3. Toxic compound detection.
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