Vision and Mission


ICABIOGRAD has a vision of becoming a center of excellence in research and development of biotechnology and agricultural genetic resources capable of supporting sustainable food security and highly competitive agribusiness. Research programs in ICABIOGRAD are designed and formulated to tackle major agricultural problems which are difficult or impossible to solve using conventional methods.


  1. Increasing the number of high-quality human resources in the field of biotechnology and agricultural genetic resources.
  2. Managing and harnessing agricultural genetic resources to support research in the field of biotechnology and plant improvement.
  3. Developing a strong research program on genetic improvement of plants and microbes, and components of cultivation technology through biotechnological approaches as a means to increase the competitiveness of our technology and products.
  4. Contributing toward the growth of national agricultural development by expanding and disseminating relevant technology to improve the competitiveness of Indonesian agricultural products in national and global marketplace.

Primary Duties and Functions

Indonesian Center for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Research and Development (ICABIOGRAD) is a technical operative unit of research and development under the authority of the Director of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development. ICABIOGRAD was founded based on decree number 631/Kpts/OT.140/12/2003 from the Minister of Agriculture, effective since January 2004. ICABIOGRAD has a task and mandate to perform research on biotechnology and agricultural genetic resources.
  1. Designing research and development program and evaluation in the field of biotechnology and agricultural genetic resources;
  2. Carrying out research on conservation and additional physical, chemical, biochemical, metabolic and molecular characterization of agricultural genetic resources;
  3. Performing research on cell biotechnology, tissue biotechnology, genetic engineering, and bioprospection of genetic resources;
  4. Undertaking research on biosafety and food safety of biotechnology products;
  5. Developing a dissemination system for products of research and development on biotechnology and agricultural genetic resources;
  6. Building technological components for the creation of agrobusiness system for agricultural biotechnology products;
  7. Creating collaboration for the application of biotechnology and agricultural genetic resources research products;
  8. Maintaining a good housekeeping and administration system within ICABIOGRAD.
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