Biochemistry Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory The laboratory is the center of research activities in the biochemistry research group. The research activities can be grouped as follows:
  1. Analysis of genomic libraries, sequence comparison, and computer-aided protein structure analysis
  2. Quantification of biometric characters using image analysis
  3. Biological information database creation and maintenance
  4. Providing consultation, data analysis, and training on bioinformatics
Equipment and facilities:
    • UV/Visible- Spektrophotometer
    • Atomic Absoprtion Spectrophotometer
    • Gas chromatography with several┬ádetectors
    • HPLC with several┬ádetectors
    • Trace Analyzer/Polarography
    • Kyeldahl distiller
    • pH-meter
    • Conductivity-meter
    • Turbidimeter
    • Analytical Balance
    • Top Pan Balance
    • Oven
    • Plant grinder
    • Autostill (automatic water distiller)
    • Electron microscope
    • Elektrophoresis