Genetic resources from plants, animals and microbes are mankind’s heritage and need to be used optimally and sustainably to meet the increased demands for food and energy. Although abundant biodiversity can be found among the world’s genetic resources, only a limited number of species has been exploited for food and agriculture. Among those species utilized for food and agriculture, heavy exploitation of a small subset of genetic resources has led to genetic erosion and increased susceptibility to new environmental stress.

Advances in biotechnology have created more opportunities for effective conservation and sustainable utilization of genetic resources for food and agriculture. This conference will discuss the current developments related to those issues. However, we will limit our discussions to topics outlined in the scope of the conference.


  1. Effective management of conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources for food and agriculture.
  2. Application of genomics and molecular markers for genetic resource conservation and crop adaptation to climate change.
  3. Application of innovative crop improvement techniques for conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.
  4. Plant cell and tissue culture for conservation and effective utilization of genetic resources.
  5. The use of microbial genetic resources as biological control agents of agricultural pests and diseases, and for soil bioremediation.


  1. To share and exchange current scientific information and technological developments on biotechnology and their applications for conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources.
  2. To encourage and promote quality, efficiency, and modernization of management and utilization of genetic resources.
  3. To facilitate national and international collaboration among participants.


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